The Group benefits from a high level of continuity in its management team, key members of which have worked together for many years. Each person contributes specialist skills that are particularly relevant to the property sector.


Peter Rich


Following an earlier business career outside the property sector, he joined The Rich Group in 1974 and has been responsible for accelerating both the portfolio's diversification and its development programme.


Nigel Wright

Chief Executive

Joined The Rich Group in 2014 with extensive experience in banking, corporate finance and real estate both in the UK and abroad. Responsible for general management of The Group’s activities across the board.


Edward Rich


With a background in residential property, he joined the company in 2012 and now manages all aspects of The Group’s portfolio.


Caroline Hall

Company Secretary

Joining The Rich Group in 2005, she previously worked for a major international merchant bank and investment company. She is responsible for all aspects of The Group’s various company secretarial requirements.


Donna Cronk

Finance Manager

Having previously gained experience working for a number of residential and commercial property organisations, she joined The Rich Group in 1994. She now heads up the finance department.